Forbearance of God – St. Cyprian

We must imitate the forbearance of God.

Oh, how great is God’s forbearance! He endures patiently the temples of the profane men who outrage His Majesty; He endures idols and sacrilegious ceremonies; He makes the sun to shine on the evil and upon the good, and His rain descend upon the just and upon the unjust; He makes the elements serve all men alike, the impious as well as the good; the winds blow, the springs burst forth, the harvests swell with waving corn, the grapes ripen, the trees cover themselves with fruit, the forests put on thick foliage, the meadows adorn themselves with the enamel of flowers.

God delays vengeance, and patiently waits, that man may correct himself and return to his Saviour.

Such is the forbearance of the Eternal Father, and similar to it was that of the Son, for all the actions of Jesus Christ were characterized by patience and by that Divine evenness of soul of which nothing could disturb the tranquility.

—–St. Cyprian

On how self will disguises itself – St. Catherine of Genoa

‘And the more we so subject ourselves for that divine love, so much the more shall we emancipate ourselves from that evil plague of our self-will which is so subtle and hidden within us, and works in so many ways, and defends itself by so many pleas that it is like the very demon.

What it cannot effect in one way, it does in another, and this under many disguises. Now it is known as charity, now as necessity, justice, perfection, or suffering for God, or seeking for spiritual consolation, or for health, or as a good example to others, or a condescension to those who seek our advantage. It is an abyss, so deep and dangerous, that no one but God can save us from it.

And as he sees this more clearly than we, he has great compassion for us, and never ceases to send us good inspirations and to seek to liberate us, not by forcing our free-will, but rather by disposing us in so many loving ways, that the soul, when she comes to understand the great care which God has taken of her, is forced to exclaim:

“O my God, it appears to me that thou hast nothing else to think of but my salvation! What am I that thou shouldst so care for me? Thou art God who thus carest for me, and I am nothing but myself. Can it be possible that I should not esteem what thou esteemest? that I should not remain ever obedient to thy commandments, and attentive to all the gracious inspirations thou sendest me by so many ways?”

St. Catherine of Genoa

Inviolata 11th century prayer

Inviolate, spotless and pure art thou,
O Mary Who wast made the radiant gate of the King.
Holy mother of Christ most dear,
receive our devout hymn and praise.
Our hearts and tongues now ask of thee
that our souls and bodies may be pure.
By thy sweet sounding prayers
obtain for us forgiveness forever.
O gracious queen, O Mary,
who alone among women art inviolate.



Grave nature of the sin of impurity – St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

‘In the second place, the sin of impurity produces obstinacy of the will.

“Once fallen into the snare of the devil, one cannot so easily escape it,” says St. Jerome.

And according to St. Thomas, there is no sin in which the devil takes so much delight as in impurity; because the flesh is strongly inclined to that vice, and he that falls into it can be rescued from it only with difficulty.

Hence the vice of incontinence has been called by Clement of Alexandria “a malady without remedy;” and by Tertullian, “an incurable vice.”

Hence St. Cyprian calls it the mother of impenitence.

“It is impossible,” says Peter de Blois, for him that submits to the domination of the flesh to conquer carnal temptations.”

Father Biderman relates of a young man, who was in the habit of relapsing into this sin, that at the hour of death he confessed his sins with many tears and died, leaving strong grounds to hope for his salvation. But on the following day his confessor, while saying Mass, felt some one pulling the chasuble; turning round he saw a dark cloud, which sent forth scintillations of fire, and heard a voice saying that was the soul of the young man that had died; that though he had been absolved from his sins, he was again tempted, yielded to a bad thought, and was damned.’

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Continency is a grace of God – St. Basil the Great

‘Continency is denial of the body, and confession to God.

It withdraws from anything mortal, like a body which has the Spirit of God.

It is without rivalry and envy, and causes us to be united to God.

He who loves a body envies another. He who has not admitted the disease of corruption into his heart, is for the future strong enough to endure any labour, and though he have died in the body, he lives in incorruption.

Verily, if I rightly apprehend the matter, God seems to me to be continency, because He desires nothing, but has all things in Himself. He reaches after nothing, nor has any sense in eyes or ears; wanting nothing, He is in all respects complete and full.

Concupiscence is a disease of the soul; but continency is its health. And continency must not be regarded only in one species, as, for instance, in matters of sensual love. It must be regarded in everything which the soul lusts after in an evil manner, not being content with what is needful for it.

Envy is caused for the sake of gold, and innumerable wrongs for the sake of other lusts.

Not to be drunken is continency. Not to overeat one’s self is continency. To subdue the body is continency, and to keep evil thoughts in subjection, whenever the soul is disturbed by any fancy false and bad, and the heart is distracted by vain cares.

Continency makes men free, being at once a medicine and a power, for it does not teach temperance; it gives it. Continency is a grace of God.’

St. Basil the Great

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

O Jesus, Divine Saviour, deign to cast a look of mercy upon Your children, who assemble in the same spirit of faith, reparation, and love, and come to deplore their own infidelities, and those of all poor sinners, their brethren.

May we touch Your Divine Heart by the unanimous and solemn promises we are about to make and obtain mercy for ourselves, for the world, and for all who are so unhappy as not to love You. We all promise that for the future:

For the forgetfulness and ingratitude of men, we will console You, O Lord.
For the way You are deserted in Your holy tabernacle,
For the crimes of sinners,
For the hatred of the impious,
For the blasphemies uttered against You,
For the sacrileges that profane Your Sacrament of Love,
For the outrages against Your divinity,
For the injuries of which You are the adorable Victim,
For the coldness of the greater part of your children,
For the contempt of your loving invitation,
For the infidelity of those who called themselves Your friends,
For the abuse of Your grace,
For our own unfaithfulness,
For the incomprehensible hardness of our hearts,
For our long delay in loving You,
For our tepidity in Your holy service,
For Your bitter sadness at the loss of souls,
For Your long waiting at the door of our hearts,
For the heartless scorn that grieves You,
For Your loving sighs,
For Your loving tears,
For Your loving imprisonment,
For Your loving death,

Let us pray

O Jesus! Divine Saviour, from whose Heart comes forth this bitter complaint, “I looked for one that would comfort me, and I found none,” graciously accept the feeble consolation we offer You, and aid us so powerfully by your grace, that we may, for the time to come, shun more and more all that can displease You, and prove ourselves in everything, and everywhere, and forever Your most faithful and devoted servants. We ask it through Your Sacred Heart, O Lord, who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit one God, forever and ever.

Source: SaintsPrayers.Net

Have Mercy on the Suffering Souls

Source: Manual of the Purgatorian Society

Hear ye not the spirits’ moaning
From the depths of cleansing fire?
Know ye not the burning anguish
Of these souls — their hearts’ desire?

Hear them cry in bitter sorrow,
Sighing, weeping in their pains,
While they call on us who love them,
“Break our heavy prison chains!”

Though their lives on earth were holy,
And their virtue manifest,
Yet some stains of imperfection
Still prevent their perfect rest.

And they weep in mournful numbers,
Pleading for our fervent pray’r,
OH, take pity on their sorrow,
Let their solace be your care.

Place your pray’r, your pious off’ring
For these suffering souls, so poor,
In the hands of our dear Mother,
Of sweet Mary Virgin pure.

With a mother’s love and mercy
She will lead them to her son;
And their pain shall turn to glory
There, before the Heav’nly throne.



(The Church has granted an indulgence* of 7 years for the recital of the Litany of the Most Holy Name.)

Lord, have mercy on us, Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Jesus, hear us. Jesus, graciously hear us.God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God, Have mercy on us.

Jesus, Son of the living God, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, splendor of the Father, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, brightness of eternal light, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, King of glory, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Sun of justice, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, most amiable, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, most admirable, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, mighty God, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Father of the world to come, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Angel of the great counsel, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, most powerful, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, most patient, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, most obedient, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, meek and humble of heart, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Lover of chastity, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Lover of us, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, God of peace, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Author of life, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Model of virtues, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, zealous for souls, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, our God, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, our Refuge, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Father of the poor, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Treasure of the faithful, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Good Shepherd, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, true Light, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, eternal Wisdom, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, infinite Goodness, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, our Way and our Life, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Joy of Angels, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, King of Patriarchs, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Master of Apostles, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Teacher of Evangelists, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Strength of Martyrs, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Light of Confessors, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Purity of Virgins, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Crown of all Saints, Have mercy on us.


Be merciful, Spare us, O Jesus.
Be merciful, Graciously hear us, O Jesus.From all evil, Jesus, deliver us.
From all sin, Jesus, deliver us.
From Thy wrath, Jesus, deliver us.
From the snares of the devil, Jesus, deliver us.
From the spirit of fornication, Jesus, deliver us.
From everlasting death, Jesus, deliver us.
From the neglect of Thine inspirations, Jesus, deliver us.
Through the mystery of Thy holy Incarnation, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy Nativity, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thine Infancy, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy most divine life, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy labors, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thine Agony and Passion, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy Cross and dereliction, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy faintness and weariness, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy death and burial, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy Resurrection, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thine Ascension, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thine institution of the Most Holy Eucharist, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy joys, Jesus, deliver us.
Through Thy glory, Jesus, deliver us.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Have mercy on us, O Jesus.

Jesus, hear us. Jesus, graciously hear us.

Let Us Pray

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who hast said: “Ask and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”; grant, we beseech Thee, to us who ask, the gift of Thy most Divine Love, that we may ever love Thee with all our heart, and in all our words and actions, and never cease from praising Thee.

Make us, O Lord, to have both a perpetual fear and love of Thy holy name, for Thou never failest to govern those whom Thou foundest upon the strength of Thy love, Who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.

*An indulgence is the remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution.

Praise to the Holy Name of JESUS

O Glorious Name of Jesus,

gracious Name,

Name of love and of power!

Through You sins are forgiven,

enemies are vanquished,

the sick are freed from illness,

the suffering are made strong and cheerful.

You bring honor to believers,

instruction to preachers,

strength to those who toil,

and sustenance to the weary.

Our love for You is ardent and glowing,

through You our prayers are heard.

The souls of those who contemplate You

are filled to overflowing;

and all the blessed in heaven

are filled with Your glory.

Grant that we too may reign with them

through this Your most Holy Name. Amen.

Act of Consecration to the Holy Ghost

On my knees before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses, I offer myself, soul and body, to Thee, Eternal Spirit of God.
I adore the brightness of Thy purity, the unerring keenness of Thy justice, and the might of Thy love. Thou art the Strength and Light of my soul. In Thee I live and move and am.
I desire never to grieve Thee by unfaithfulness to grace, and I pray with all my heart to be kept from the smallest sin against Thee.
Mercifully guard my every thought and grant that I may always watch for Thy light, and listen to Thy voice, and follow Thy gracious inspirations.I cling to Thee and give myself to Thee and ask Thee, by Thy compassion, to watch over me in my weakness.
Holding the pierced Feet of Jesus, and looking at His five wounds, and trusting in His Precious Blood, and adoring His opened side and stricken Heart, I implore Thee, Adorable Spirit, Helper of my infirmity, so to keep me in Thy grace that I may never sin against Thee.
Give me grace, O Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Father and the Son, to say to Thee always and everywhere, “Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” Amen.

Sacred Heart Prayer by Bl. Pope Pius IX

Open Thy Sacred Heart O Jesus! Show me Its beauty and unite me with It forever. May the throbbing in all the movements of my heart, even during sleep, be a testimony of my love and tell Thee unceasingly:

Yes, Lord Jesus, I adore Thee … accept my poor little actions … grant me the grace of repairing evil done … so that I may praise Thee in time and bless Thee for all eternity.

Why we need Church to learn the TRUTH!

When Christ Himself spoke to Paul and called him, He could have opened his eyes at once and made known to him the way of perfection; instead He sent him to Ananias and told him to learn from him the way of truth, saying: Arise and go into the city, and there you will be told what you must do (Acts 9:6).

In this manner He teaches us to be guided by those who are advanced on the way, so that the vision rightly given to Paul should not be wrongly interpreted; otherwise it might lead later generations presumptuously to suppose that each individual must be initiated into the truth directly by God, as Paul was, and not by the fathers…

Source: St. John Cassian in On the Holy Fathers of Sketis: (“Philokalia (Vol. 1)”, p. 107)

‘On Pride’ by St. John Cassian

“When we have attained some degree of holiness we should always repeat to ourselves the words of the Apostle: “Yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me’ (1 Cor. 15:10), as well as what was said by the Lord: ‘Without Me you can do nothing’ (John 15:5).

We should also bear in mind what the prophet said: ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it’ (Ps. 127:1), and finally: ‘It does not depend on-man’s will or effort, but on God’s mercy’ (Rom. 9:16).

Even if someone is sedulous, serious and resolute, he cannot, so long as he is bound to flesh and blood, approach perfection except through the mercy and grace of Christ.

James himself says that ‘every good gift is from above’ Jas. 1:17), while the Apostle Paul asks: ‘What do you have which you did not receive? Now if you received it, why do you boast, as if you had not received it?’ (1 Cor. 4:7). What right, then, has man to be proud as though he could achieve perfection through his own efforts?”

+ St. John Cassian,  The Philokalia: The Complete Text (Vol. 1), “On the Eight Vices: On Pride”

Prayer To Our Lady, Help Of Christians By St. John Bosco

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christian,
how sweet it is to come to your feet
imploring your perpetual help.
If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, 
how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me?
Grant then to me, I implore you, 
your perpetual help in all my necessities, 
in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations.
I ask for your unceasing help for all who are now suffering.
 Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners.
Grant through your intercessions many vocations to the religious life. 
Obtain for us, O Mary, Help of Christians,
that having invoked you on earth we may love and eternally thank you in heaven.


Indulgenced Prayer to St. John, the Apostle

O Glorious Apostle, who, on account of thy virginal purity, wast so beloved by Jesus as to deserve to lay thy head upon his divine breast, and to be left, in his place, as son to his most holy Mother; I beg thee to inflame me with a most ardent love towards Jesus and Mary. Obtain for me from our Lord that I, too, with a heart purified from earthly affections, may be made worthy to be ever united to Jesus as a faithful disciple, and to Mary as a devoted son, both here on earth and eternally in heaven. Amen.

(Indulgence 200 days, once a day, Leo XIII, 1897)

Nativity Prayer of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Let Your goodness Lord appear to us, that we made in your image, conform ourselves to it. In our own strength we cannot imitate Your majesty, power, and wonder nor is it fitting for us to try. But Your mercy reaches from the heavens through the clouds to the earth below.

You have come to us as a small child, but you have brought us the greatest of all gifts, the gift of eternal love Caress us with Your tiny hands, embrace us with Your tiny arms and pierce our hearts with Your soft, sweet cries. Amen.

Nativity Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian

The feast day of your birth resembles You, Lord Because it brings joy to all humanity. Old people and infants alike enjoy your day. Your day is celebrated from generation to generation. Kings and emperors may pass away, And the festivals to commemorate them soon lapse. But your festival will be remembered until the end of time. Your day is a means and a pledge of peace. At Your birth heaven and earth were reconciled, Since you came from heaven to earth on that day You forgave our sins and wiped away our guilt.

You gave us so many gifts on the day of your birth: A treasure chest of spiritual medicines for the sick; Spiritual light for the blind; The cup of salvation for the thirsty; The bread of life for the hungry. In the winter when trees are bare, You give us the most succulent spiritual fruit. In the frost when the earth is barren, You bring new hope to our souls. In December when seeds are hidden in the soil, The staff of life springs forth from the virgin womb. Amen

From Lands that See the Sun Arise ( 5th century Hymn)

From Lands that See the Sun Arise
A solis ortus cardine
hymn from the Roman Breviary (5th century)

FROM lands that see the sun arise, to earth’s remotest boundaries, the Virgin-born today we sing, the Son of Mary, Christ the King.

Blest Author of this earthly frame, to take a servant’s form he came, that liberating flesh by flesh, whom he had made might live afresh.

In that chaste parent’s holy womb, celestial grace hath found its home: and she, as earthly bride unknown, yet call that Offspring blest her own.

The mansion of the modest breast becomes a shrine where God shall rest: the pure and undefiled one conceived in her womb the Son.

That Son, that royal Son she bore, whom Gabriel’s voice had told afore: whom, in his Mother yet concealed, the Infant Baptist had revealed.

The manger and the straw he bore, the cradle did he not abhor: a little milk his infant fare who feedeth even each fowl of air.

The heavenly chorus filled the sky, the Angels sang to God on high, what time to shepherds watching lone they made creation’s Shepherd known.

All honor, laud, and glory be, O Jesu, Virgin-born, to Thee; all glory, as is ever meet, to the Father and to Paraclete. Amen.

Prayer That We May Seek God and Find Him by St. Ambrose of Milan

Lord, teach me to seek you, and reveal yourself to me when I seek you. For I cannot seek you unless you first teach me, nor find you unless you first reveal yourself to me. Let me seek you in longing and long for you in seeking. Let me find you in love, and love you in finding.

St. Ambrose of Milan, Bishop, Writer, Doctor